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 Dallas : The Music Story (Das Album Zur TV-Serie)
Un disco de canciones basadas e inspiradas en los personajes,
las relaciones y los acontecimientos de la serie de televisión Dallas.

Warner Bros. Records – 925 380-1 

1     The theme from Dallas ( Dreams) - Starring Artie Ripp and Black Gold
2     Who Killed Jock Ewing ? Starring Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs
3     I Wanna Reach Out And Touch you (Jock and Miss Ellies theme) - Starring Karen Brooks
4     Makin' Up For Lost Time (The Dallas Lovers Song) - Starring Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris
5     A Few Good Men (Pam and Jennas song for Bobby) - Starring The Forester Sisters
6     Dallas (Maintitle theme) Starring Artie Ripp and Black Gold
7     J.R.! Who Do You Think You Are ? - Starring Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow
8     Working Man's Song (The Ewing/Barnes Legacy) - Starring Bob Cook
9     The Loneliness In Lucy's Eyes (The life Sue Ellen is living) - Starring Johnny Lee
10     I'm a Survivor (From the Women of Dallas) - Starring Jenilee Harrison as Jamie Ewing
11     If I Knew What I Know Now (J.R.'s Lament) - Starring Gary Morris
12     Dallas (Closing theme) Starring Artie Ripp & Black Gold 

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