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ARETHA FRANKLIN Complete On Columbia - Take A Look

Album Notes
TAKE A LOOK: ARETHA FRANKLIN COMPLETE ON COLUMBIA celebrates the 50th anniversary of Aretha’s pop performance career with the first-ever collection of Aretha’s entire Columbia output, including master takes, unissued performances, rare mono mixes and studio conversations, in one deluxe 12-disc (11 CDs + DVD) box set. The 12 discs are housed in a beautiful box and are accompanied by a lavish 64-page, full color book. The book features extensive new liner notes, complete discography, and incredible, rare photography of a young Aretha.
TAKE A LOOK begins with expanded editions of Aretha’s seven original Columbia albums:
Aretha (with the Ray Bryant Combo) (released February 27, 1961)
The Electrifying Aretha Franklin (1962)
The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging Aretha Franklin (1962)
Laughing On The Outside (1963)
Unforgettable – A Tribute To Dinah Washington (1964)
Runnin’ Out Of Fools (1965)
Yeah!!! In Person With Her Quartet (in two sequences: the original 1965 album recorded live in the studio with overdubbed applause, followed by a new previously unreleased version without the nightclub ambience)
Two CDs reflect Aretha’s collaborations with the influential producers Bobby Scott and Clyde Otis -- collaborations that were either shelved or issued as singles, but never on LP:
Tiny Sparrow: The Bobby Scott Sessions (1963)
Take A Look: The Clyde Otis Sessions (1964)
Two CDs are new compilations:
A Bit of Soul (the full album as it was compiled in 1965, but never released)
The Queen In Waiting (includes Aretha's last Columbia recordings produced by Bob Johnston, noted for his work during this period with Bob Dylan; and songs that Columbia "sweetened" with new musicians after Aretha left the label)

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ARETHA FRANKLIN - 30 Greatest Hits (2CD)




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ARETHA FRANKLIN - The Princess Of Soul Before The Coronation, Her Earliest Recordings 1956-1962

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01 Cabecita Loca
02 Qué Bueno, Qué Bueno
03 La Luna y el Toro
04 Con la Luna, Lunita, Luna
05 Será el Amor
06 Las Cositas del Querer
07 Romance de Lora del Río
08 Estando Contigo
09 La Venda
10 Consolación la de Utrera
11 Coplas de Luis Candelas
12 Trianera
13 Sevillanas de la Giralda
14 Triana Morena
15 Cariño Trianera
16 Manuel Contreras
17 Lástima, Hoy Te Tengo Lástima
18 Te Amo y Te Amaré
19 Por Tu Nuevo Amor
20 Ojitos Traidores
21 Vida y Amor
22 Y Me Quedé Dormida
23 Escándalo
24 Juana Gallardo
25 El Alma del Rocío
26 Jugando Con Mi Corazón
27 Vas Caminando
28 Aunque No Me Quieras
29 Ve Con Él
30 En el Azul del Cielo
31 Reina por un Día
32 Tipical Español





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