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octubre 09, 2017

JOHNNY CASH: Man In Black Read 3vol.(16 CD)

5-CD boxed set (LP-size) It has been the most remarkable career in modern country music. 'Nobody But Nobody More Original Than Johnny Cash' was the slogan they coined in the '60s, and it was nothing less than the truth. Our retrospective (1954-1958) starts with the Sun recordings. They are on countless compilations - endlessly duplicated and overdubbed - but here, they're complete, undubbed and in premium sound quality for the first time. There are even some unissued performances. The set is rounded out with Johnny's first recordings for Columbia including I Still Miss Someone and Don't Take Your Guns To Town. The fifth CD is a complete Columbia session (false starts, chatter and out-takes

..picks up where the first volume leaves off. Johnny Cash was stretching the boundaries of country music. Here are his first religious albums, his LP of country standards, as well as many of his greatest hits like 40 Shades Of Green, I Got Stripes, Five Feet High And Rising, Tennessee Flat Top Box, and Johnny Yuma. Once again, the fifth CD contains a complete session, this one with Johnny, his nephew Roy Rivers, and his brother-in-law Ray Liberto. 1959-1962

The third volume in our chronological documentation of Johnny Cash's epic career covers the period before Cash became a superstar following the San Quentin and Folsom albums and his ABC-TV series. During this period, he almost forsook country for folk music. During this period, he made some of the most radical and experimental country albums ever recorded, as well as hits like Understand Your Man, Orange Blossom Special, and The One On The Left Is On The Right. It also includes the album 'Keep On The Sunny Side' with The Carter Family, as well as much rare, unreleased material and foreign-language songs. 

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JOHNNY CASH - Come Along And Ride This Train (4-CD)

Johnny Cash was one of the first to explore the idea of the concept album in country music. The songs in this exclusive collection were recorded between 1960 and 1977 and were released on seven concept albums, 'Ride This Train', 'Blood, Sweat and Tears', 'Bitter Tears', 'Ballads Of The True West', 'From Sea To Shining Sea', 'America' and 'The Rambler'. Taken together, these albums are a true and authentic statement of what Johnny Cash was all about, and they came from his most vital and creative period as a singer and songwriter. The songs are Johnny Cash, the quintessential American writing and singing about America.

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enero 24, 2017