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junio 09, 2016

TERESA BREWER - The Original Sound Of Miss Music! Music! Music!

Here are Teresa's long-lost initial recordings for London, including the original "Music! Music! Music!" taken at a much slower pace than you might remember. Her material, and the recording quality, on London doesn't compare to her work on Coral, where the producers, orchestrators and engineers knew exactly how to best showcase her talents. But these recordings remain interesting, particularly the ballads, which reflect her abilities as a serious and thoughtful artist in a way all those novelties didn't. The voice is darker and thicker here than it was later-usually it's the other way around with lady singers, who tend to take on those shadings as they grow older. Teresa's sound actually grew younger. But there's a lot to enjoy here

Catalogue: JASCD 388
Format: CD
Release Date: 01/09/2001
320 kbps / 4 de oct. de 2014

pw-- mijas

TERESA BREWER - Sweet Old Fashioned Girl.2CD

 In the 1950's Teresa Brewer was America's singing sweetheart. This is the first tribute to her since she sadly passed away and truly pays homage to her sassy but sweet vocal style and perky disposition.

Hear Teresa's three million sellers from 1951 to 1957 "I Gotta Go Get My Baby", "A Tear Fell" and the title track "A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl".

Teresa's first original album "Music! Music! Music!" is in it's entirety and contains the sought after "Nora Malone" and "When I Leave The World Behind". Plus of course, the diabolically catchy "Music! Music! Music!". This set is quite simply crammed to capacity with hits and great performances.

Catalogue: JASCD 485
Release Date: 03/07/2008
@320  / 10 de oct. de 2014

pw-- mijas

TERESA BREWER - Miss Versatility

@320  22 de oct. de 2014

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julio 29, 2015

TERESA BREWER Music, music, music

Playlist files:

01. Teresa Brewer - Music! Music! Music! (3:19)
02. Teresa Brewer with Don Cornell - You'll Never Get Away (2:39)
03. Teresa Brewer - Till I Waltz Again With You (2:59)
04. Teresa Brewer - Ricochet (Rick-O-Shay) (2:41)
05. Teresa Brewer - Baby, Baby, Baby (3:08)
06. Teresa Brewer - Bell Bottom Blues (2:35)
07. Teresa Brewer - Jilted (2:12)
08. Teresa Brewer with Lancers - Let Me Go, Lover! (2:30)
09. Teresa Brewer - Pledging My Love (2:43)
10. Teresa Brewer - Silver Doller (2:35)
11. Teresa Brewer - The Banjo's Back in Town (2:00)
12. Teresa Brewer - A Tear Fell (2:35)
13. Teresa Brewer - Bo Weevil (2:22)
14. Teresa Brewer - A Sweet Old Fashioned Girl (2:56)
15. Teresa Brewer - Mutual Admiration Society (2:17)
16. Teresa Brewer - Empty Arms (2:50)
17. Teresa Brewer - You Send Me (3:00)
18. Teresa Brewer - Milord (2:20)

15 de jul. de 2012