mayo 01, 2017

ALLAN SHERMAN - My Son The Two LPs On One Reissue Already!

  01. The Ballads Of Harry Lewis
  02. Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max
  03. Sir Greenbaum's Madigral
  04. My Zelda
  05. The Streets Of Miami
  06. Sarah Jackman
  07. Jump Down, Spin Around (Pick A Dress O'Cotton)
  08. Seltzer Boy
  09. Oh Boy
  10. Medley: Shticks And Stones - Gimme Jack Cohen / Levittown / Little David Susskind / Mount Sinai Hospital / God Bless You Gerry Mendelbaum / Oh, When The Painters Go Marching In / Yascha Got A Bottle / I Gave My Love A Chicken / Catskill Ladies / I'm Melvin Rose Of Texas / Mammy's Little Baby Loves Matzo Balls

  11. Al 'N Yetta
  12. Medley: Barry Is The Baby's Name / Horowitz / Get On The Garden Freeway
  13. Mexican Hat Dance
  14. The Bronx Bird Watcher
  15. The Let's All Call Up A.T & T And Protest To The President March
  16. Harvey And Sheila
  17. Won't You Come Home Disraeli
  18. No Ones Perfect
  19. When I Was A Lad
  20. Me
  21. Medley: Shticks Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other - Molly Malone / Old Lang's Sing / Billy Sol / Cary Grant / Oh, The Moon Is Bright Tonight On The Carwash / On Top Of Old Smokey / Aura Lee / My Grandfather's Clock / Coming Through The Rye / Polyunsaturated Fats / Don't Buy The Liverwurst
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