junio 09, 2019


200 grabaciones originales - muchos nombres famosos
excelentes rarezas - una necesidad para cualquier Billy Rock-Fan
David Houston Sugar Sweet Lee Denson New Shoes Dave Rich Rosie Let´s Get Cozy Dick
Glasser Catty Town Art Wood Hey Jibbo Ted Harris Just Thought I´d Set You Straight Roy Hall
Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin´ On Jackie Lee Cochran Ruby Pearl Eddie Fontaine Cool It Baby Gene Maltais Crazy Baby
Eddie Bond Slip Slip Slippin´ In Rose Maddox My Little Baby Jimmy Heap Sebbin´ Come Elebbin The Lane Brothers
Little Brother Janis Martin Teen Street Mac Curtis
Half Hearted Love Joe Montgomery Planetary Run Rusty Isabell Firewater Gene Brown Big Door
Mac Wiseman Step It Up And Go Rusty Isabell Mexicali Baby Pat Flowers Rock-Sock The Boogie
Jean Shepard He´s My Baby Lou Graham Wee Willie Brown Eddie Fontaine One And Only
Bill Allen Please Give Me Something Pat Ferguson Fool I Am Ronnie Dee Action Packed Red
Sovine Juke Joint Johnny Ron Hargrave Latch On Bolean Barry Long Sideburns
Carson Robison Rockin´ And Rollin´ With Grandmaw Tom Tall Hot Rod Is Her Name
Joe Therrien Jr. Rock-A-Billy Boogi John & Jackie Little Girl Tommy Scott & His
Ramblers Dig Me Little Mama Slim Willet Come Sundown Billy The Kid Apron
Strings Bobby Sykes Touch Of Loving Wayne Handy Betcha Didn´t Know Rose
Maddox Wild Wild Young Men The Alcons Black Jack Mac Vickery Goin´ Back to
St. Louis Bobby Lord So Doggone Lonesome Joe Tate I´m Free Bobby Lord
Beautiful Baby Rusty York Sugaree Chuck Sims Little Pigeon und viele mehr
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